Sunday, October 19, 2008

C'est Sa Fete!

"C'est ma fete!"
"C'est ma FETE!"
"I thought you were bilingual."
"Oh... you're speaking... yeah, I did too."

Dominating dance parties, drinking gin with friends who've soldiered through flat tires and traffic jams to get there, and beating up DJs from Montreal... yup, sounds like Michelle's birthday.

Michelle was so enthusiastic that she's been put in charge of promotions for next month's event (i.e., handing out fliers on the street). Doing my part to help the cause: everyone should go to the Elgin St. Freehouse on the third Saturday of every month for dubstep night. What's dubstep? You'll find out when you get there. It sounds something like this: wob wob wobblewobblewobble wobwobwob.

Happy birthday, megababe. 

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