Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crackpot Schemes and Responsibility: A Fine Balancing Act

This weekend Michelle, Lisa and I were planning to hitch hike to Montreal to go to some event thrown by one of the DJs we met a few weeks ago. I had a serious crisis deciding whether or not I should go. Michelle made me make a venn diagram to help me decide, a tactic we've used for years to stave off freak outs.

Pros included:
- Guaranteed good time
- I'm craving a good crackpot scheme. Something seriously crazy. A real "mom's not gonna like this" fiasco.
- Will make for fabulous blog entries

Cons included:
- High potential sketch factor
- No time for crackpot schemes since starting J-school. Semester is over in 3 weeks. Should move to library and cut off all communication with outside world instead of coming up with crackpot schemes.

The part of the diagram where the two circles intersect (please tell me somebody else remembers and/or makes venn diagrams. I swear this was at least half of grade three) was labelled "prons" and included the observation that I can always run away if the sketch factor became overwhelming, which prompted the addition of "might end up sleeping in a ditch" to "cons."

We didn't end up going to Montreal. But the reason for this story, besides sharing the venn diagram tradition, is that I feel like I need each week to be an extra three days longer, at least. I have two awesome groups of friends that I have so far failed to amalgamate, meaning that I have twice as many fun things to distract me and half as much time to spend on them. My parents are coming in two weeks, on the weekend when a super wicked DJ who rarely comes to Canada is playing in Montreal. "So mom, would I be the worst daughter ever if I abandoned you in Ottawa the Saturday you come to visit me to hitch hike to Montreal to go to some sketchy club?" are words that will be leaving my mouth some time in the next 24 hours.

The voices in my head are arguing again. At least it's just my brain... so far my uterus and liver haven't joined the conversation.

Voice #1: "The semester is over in three weeks. THREE WEEKS. You have three weeks to write two 15-page papers, do a feature article on an extremely broad and touchy subject, actually pick up a copy of the newspaper you will be working for in December, do a law take home exam, and write three reading critiques. Do not leave the house. Flush your cell phone down the toilet. Look directly forward in class and respond to all invitations to get coffee, lunch or drinks with class mates with a polite but firm no thank you."

Voice #2: "Go to Montreal twice in two weekends. Drink so much gin that your nursing student roommate doesn't understand how you didn't get alcohol poisoning. Lie in bed all day watching Buffy. Get a tattoo. Spend hours writing and reading blog entries instead of actual school assignments. You worry too much. You never take me out any more. You used to be cool. What happened to the Claire I know who built a raft to a Laotian island and had to spend the night there because it go too dark to swim back? Why aren't you riding a motorbike through rush hour traffic in Vietnam? What is all this school crap? You're looking at your watch to make sure you go to bed in time to get exactly eight hours of sleep, aren't you? You're looking up CP style for your blog entry on irresponsibility, AREN'T YOU? What happened to you?"

What happened to me?

Is it Christmas break yet?



The Science Manly said...

Ohhh Claire, Claire, Claire... I feel your pain.
BUT first, Venn diagrams are awesome! Who needs to make a decision when a decision can be made for you by circles?

At least you did something this weekend! What did I do? Ohh, I abandoned the only friends I've made in Ottawa so I could do work all Friday night, gets 6 hours of sleep, and work all day tonight.

LISTEN to voice #2, at least sometimes. Everything will get done, but that doesn't mean fun can't be had in the process ;)

jillian said...

hello claire, probably time I tell you that I'm thrilled you are writing this blog-its insightful and hilarious and compelling and the feel good story of the year. two thumbs waay up. Sorry i've been silently stalking you until now. This internet life...
I understand being torn between social life and academic life. Its impossible and I have no advice. My word verification for this comment is 'dauncel' though, so I feel thats a subtle nod from the cyber gods to DANCE. If you do it in Montreal be sure to give me an email, I would love to see you. Keep up the blogging! You have fans! - jillian h. (from long long ago)