Monday, November 3, 2008

Lisa saves weekend from being an unproductive disaster.

Lisa and I were talking about my MRP and I was explaining how I want to go back to Cambodia to do research on how the changes in the tourism industry are affecting people who run small businesses. The problem is that the best time for me to go back is the summer, which is the rainy season in Cambodia and the worst possible time to do research into tourism since there won't be any.

"What about Malaysia?" Said Lisa, drying off the last dish and opening the oven to check on her butter tarts. "Kuala Lumpur has this really interesting thriving gay scene even though being gay is illegal in Malaysia. I know a couple you can stay with and one of them is a DJ so he knows everybody and would be able to get you a million interviews. And it's farther south so it will still be the dry season in the summer."

I almost fell off my chair! And not because of my slanty floor this time! Social justice, a hot and relevant topic that is in the middle of big changes (Islamic countries and gay rights), and spending grant money partying in Malaysia? I am sold. So, so sold.

I do not know what I would do without Lisa. I would never eat. I would talk to myself and probably explode in a big fireball of stress and feelings. My cupboards would still be covered in 50 years of grime instead of being magic erasered clean. I would have no practical idea for my MRP.

Lisa decided the other day that the reason we get along as roommates is because we both replace the toilet paper roll when it's done. That says it all, really.

We share an apartment that is a stretch to call a one bedroom and that was described in the craigslist posting as "if you need room for your pet rock collection, don't rent this place." It also houses two guitars and a banjo. And yet somehow it works.

Yesterday my parents called and asked, like they do every weekend, "Is that girl still living on your floor?" "Yes, she is making me sushi as we speak," I replied. They clearly think I'm crazy. So do you, probably.

What do you guys think about the MRP idea? I think I'm going to run it by Allan maybe sometime this week.


Lisa said...

Thats me! I'm in a blog. I will add it to my picture of me in an Indian newspaper in my "Folder of things that make me pseudo famous"

Amy said...

Love the MRP idea. Wish I had one. I'm sort of counting on someone to randomly mention something interesting to me as well.