Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Love/Hate with Leah

Anyone else have the same love/hate relationship with Leah McLaren that I do?

Leah McLaren is a columnist for The Globe and Mail whose job seems to consist of writing one column on Saturdays in the Style section about drinking, sleeping in, traveling, not going to the gym, and living in trendy neighbourhoods. Occasionally she is invited to make snide comments on a topic du jour on some TV or radio show. This apparently funds a recent move to England (that's right, she's now a foreign correspondent), frequent trips abroad, and a hip urban lifestyle.

The hate, of course, is pure jealousy. She's a fabulous writer and I would kill a small animal (maybe even a big one) for her job.

An excerpt from yesterday's column:

"I have worn yoga pants every day of the week, except Saturday - when I do the laundry in my bathrobe.

While my productivity hasn't suffered, other parts of my life are feeling the strain, or the stretch, as the case may be.

I am loath to have lunch meetings (too much fuss) and Patrick has taken to calling me 'the urban hick' because of my new habit of wearing rubber boots around the house instead of trainers (no more inconvenient laces)."

That's right, she wrote an entire column on how hard it is to have a job where she can work from home wearing yoga pants. And I can't hate it. It's funny. It's well written.

Dear Edward Greenspon: I feel that since Ms. McLaren's move to England there is a gap in your coverage of the issues faced by young, urban, trendy Canadians who drink a lot and complain about things. I feel that I am exceptionally qualified to fill this gap. Please find my resume attached and feel free to contact me at any time.


The Peach said...

Oh my god, this woman is my new idol. I can be a journalist and a bum at the same time? My life has found meaning again.

I haven't changed out of my yoga pants for 3 weeks. Not even to wash them.

Claire said...

Actually, I thought of you while I was writing this... haha.

We might have to have a duel to the death for her job.

Amy said...

Make it a thruel.

The Science Manly said...

Anyone think they need a journalist with a Biology background who just wants to sit at home and complain about things in his sweats?

I'll take you ALL one for this job!