Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Medieval torture devices

I'm reading a collection of Hunter S. Thompson's articles. In one about the superbowl, he quotes a football player describing the ritual of being interviewed every day by the same reporters on the same topics as being "like going to the dentist every day to have the same tooth filled."

Know what else is like going to the dentist over and over to have the same tooth filled?

Going to the dentist over and over to have the same tooth filled.

I have a broken filling between my last two left bottom molars. This is the second time it has broken and the third time I have to have it filled. The Carleton dentist says it's because I clench my teeth in my sleep and that I have to wear a mouth guard at night. 

I have a horror of dental devices since going through the miserable ordeal of braces and night headgear from the ages of seven to 10.

If the filling breaks again, I give up. I would rather let my tooth slowly rot out of my face than have it filled for a fourth time. And I would definitely rather be a superbowl football player doing press conferences every day. Quit yer whining, Manny Fernandez.

Also, I just realized that it's been three weeks since I last updated my blog. Sorry, folks. Now that I'm back in school and have other things I should be doing, I'm sure I will be more on top of things.

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Erika said...

Ok, so as soon as I read "I have a horror of dental devices since going through the..." which was at the bottom of my screen, the torture device in the picture immediately came to mind. I was very amused when I scrolled down and saw it there. Did you actually have to wear that kind, or did you have the more conventional "mouthpiece + behind the neck" thing?

My brother ALMOST had to wear the one in the picture at night (and, actually, the option was brought up for me too but never seriously considered). I once saw a kid on a ferry in NYC wearing one. During the day. In public. Poor child.