Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Essay

My Essay on Lyse Doucet
By Claire Brownell

Lyse Doucet is a presenter for BBC World News. She is from Acadia. Her accent is funny because she is from Acadia and also hangs around with British people a lot because she works for the BBC so her accent is British and Acadian. This makes a lot of people say that she is annoying when they comment on YouTube. Acadia means "On account of the beauty of hte trees." in 1604 many people in Acadia died of scurvy. Sometimes Lyse Doucet is a host for The Current. The Current is a CBC radio show where they interview important people. One day I would like to work for The Current too.

I went to the National Archives and they said they had a video with Lyse Doucet in it but I wasn't allowed to watch it because I might reck it and they onely had 1. So I wastched a video on YouTube and Lyse Doucet said that people in Sweden watned to use the Euro in their country. The Euro is the kind of money that people in Europe use. I thought Lyse doucet did a really good job talking about this important issue.

In conclusion i think Lyse Doucet is an important Canadian war correspondent and I also think that I would be a good Canadian war correspondent and that you should let me go to Rwanda to learn more about this important issue.


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GREY said...

Nice...could have been a bit more compact, but that's just my suggestion...don't take it seriously...

BTW, ever considered writing for some Citizen Journalism website? You write pretty good...I started my career as a's one for the's free to join...

for anything, just mail me...will be happy to help...also I am in facebook...stay classic...

- Sumantra "maggie" Maitra.