Saturday, January 17, 2009

So radio is kind of cool, I guess.

Last night I was listening to As It Happens and one of the interviews had this intro:

"Psychiatrist Karen Norberg knit an anatomically correct brain. Naturally, we had some questions."

This was immediately followed by the first question: "Dr. Norberg, why did you knit an anatomically correct brain?"

I like it. It's witty. It gets right to the point. It's exactly the first thing you want to know when you hear someone knit an anatomically correct brain: "Why the hell would someone do that?" (The answer is, basically, "Because I could.")

Of course, the second thing I wanted to know was "What does a knitted anatomically correct brain look like?" Which, of course, As It Happens could not answer.

The Telegraph online could. It looks like this:

So I get it. I get how radio can do some things that print can't, and I get how print can do some things that radio can't, and I'm starting to get into the CBC and NPR, and I can actually see how my gay rights in Kuala Lumpur idea might actually work really well on radio.

What I really wish, though, is that I could hire my own personal audio tech and just tell her or him what I want done with my interviews and scripts. So far, I totally hate audio editing. It's picky. It's boring. It takes forever. Maybe it's just because I'm new and I'll like it when I'm better at it. I hope so.


The Science Manly said...

Hahahaha, that brain is AWESOME!
I wonder, how long did it take her to knit it?

By the way, I also HATE audio editing ... I just spent a good 3-4 hours editing my 2 clips and sound bed... stupid radio

Claire said...

It took her a year, apparently.
And it is pretty awesome.

jillian said...

Barbara Budd and Carol Off are my heroes.