Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It begins.

In Tuesday's TV class we did an exercise where we were given a bunch of footage of a fish farm tank that burst onto a road in Whitehorse and had to edit it into a news story complete with voice over. My TV news team is a journalistic dynamo, don't get me wrong. But when it comes to technical skills, we're, well, new. Brand new.

So in order to get our video done on deadline, our pictures didn't match our sound. We had footage of gasping, flopping fish when we were talking about the president of the company. We spent our last 30 seconds making a text graphic that read FISHPLOSION!!! in the hopes we'd get points for not taking ourselves too seriously.

Last night, I dreamed it was the night before my MRP was due. In my dream, for some reason the only material I had was the fish flop video. I had to hand that in as my major research project, and sit there as my classmates, professors, and everyone I knew watched it and laughed. Then I had to get up on a podium in front of everyone and make a speech about it.

Thus begin the year-end academic panic dreams. Right on schedule. But this time the mood is different. Instead of despairing, I feel manic. Right now, for example, I'm trying to convince myself to watch TV and go to bed, but I'm having a hard time drowning out the snarling demon voice telling me to run around the block, drink a red bull, and stay up all night researching media constructions of the Canadian military as a peacekeeping force.

I'm compromising by blogging over a glass of wine. So far, still sane. Stay tuned for updates throughout the month.

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