Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prank or paranoia?

I've been getting  a lot of emails in response to my online postings putting my apartment up for sublet. Tons of people tell me they want to come see it, even though it's slanty and occasionally on fire. Sometimes I schedule three viewings in one day. I rush home from school, appointments, and post-class beers to make my bed and sweep the floor for them.

I get my hopes up.

Then they don't show up.

This has happened three times now. Three no shows, and several more last minute cancellations.

I would chalk this up to the general flakiness of people on the internet, if it weren't for some odd facts...

All three of the no shows shared a last or first name, which I will not repeat here. A couple of others have had names that are variations on a celebrity's name.

It's just weird on so many levels. It seems so much like a joke, trick, or conspiracy to waste my time that it can't be true.

Also, who would play such an elaborate joke? Is there really someone trolling Craigslist and Kijiji making up fake email addresses based on fake names and giggling as they schedule and fail to show up for apartment viewings? 

Lamest online prank ever. Right up there with "is your refrigerator running? Then you'd better catch it..."


Amy said...

I would scream.

Laura said...

Did "Nicole Ricci" show up tonight? Were you able to address her without putting verbal quotation marks around her name?