Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why won't anyone think of the bunnies?

As Ottawans know unless they've been living under a rock, yesterday was the biggest protest on Parliament Hill in years. In case you have been living under a rock, you can read my story about it here.

The day before that, I got sent to Question Period. There were two things that made me wish I had a camera.

One was the juxtaposition of Tamil protesters and people smoking up on the lawn of Parliament in celebration of the stoner national holiday, 4:20. Stepped up police presence and a competing demonstration, and these dudes and dudettes still come out by the hundreds to fight for their right to party. Brazen.

The other was pointed out to me by a security guard as I was about to walk through the entrance. She was kneeling down by the grass. 

"Want to see something neat?" she asked. I said sure. 

She lifted up a patch of grass to reveal a hole full of tiny, squirming, newborn bunnies.

I squealed.

Fast forward to 35,000 people tramping around the Hill yesterday. It was a peaceful protest, yes, but I am concerned for the safety of the baby bunnies. No one was protecting their rights. Their well-being was overlooked.

I guess when you build your home in the shadow of Parliament, you risk becoming a casualty of democracy.

Poor bunnies.


Sonya said...

O-kay, but...

What's with all the carrots?
What do they need such good eyesight for anywa-y?

Claire said...

Hahaha... The Anya song actually occurred to me as I was writing this...
Wonder if anyone else has any idea what we're talking about...
Anyway, I think this signifies a failure of the bunnies to brand themselves properly. I see a brilliant career for myself as a bunny public relations officer. I'll organize a press conference, you can ask your questions then, after they have been properly briefed.

Meg said...

One of my friends, a clerk with the HoC with too much time on his hands, wrote a children's story located on Parliament where one of the main characters was a rabbit. The other was a spider trying to discover who and what it really was.

In retrospect, baby bunnies would have added a great deal to that story.

The Science Manly said...


Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnies! ... Or maybe midgets

You're not the only ones who have all those songs memorized :P

And do the bunnies need a spokesperson? Some to speak on their behalf? I think I would be an excellent candidate for that position.

Are they accepting resumes?

Andrew said...

this reminds me woefully of the baby barbiturate bunnies from "jesus'son".