Monday, May 11, 2009

Commuting sucks.

Oh hi,

I'm back.

And the reason I've been gone for a while is this: I have about three hours a day when I'm not either getting ready for work, working, commuting or sleeping.

I'm commuting to my latest internship at from my parents's house in Oakville. I'm not going to bother calling it a silly name, because someone from the CBC has been reading my blog regularly for a couple of months. I suspect it is my boss, because I put it on my resume. Oh, hi.

Anyway, the work is good. Commuting, on the other hand, sucks.

Sucks is not nearly a strong enough word. It's like I can feel the sands of time slipping through the hourglass. I can hear the grim reaper laughing as he plucks precious hours of my youth from me on the QEW. I can smell the stench of resentment and misery on my fellow passengers when I take the GO train instead of driving in with my mom.

Clearly I'm being melodramatic. But I really do hate commuting. There's no good reason for it, really. I read the paper, mostly. I think it's the sense of feeling trapped. And also the sense of feeling cheated. When I was done for the day at CP, I could literally do whatever I wanted to. When I'm done for the day at the CBC, I have no choice but to sit in gridlock or squished on the GO train for an hour and a half if I want to sleep in a bed, as opposed to under my desk or in the gutter.

I understand why people do it. Living in the city is stupidly expensive, and even more so if you have kids. And people like being able to afford a yard and a house bigger than a shoebox and all that stuff. When I say I'll never, ever, ever commute from the suburbs, people older than me usually give me a sort of "we'll see about that in a few years" type response and knowing look.

I'm not going to get into whether or not I want kids. But let's just imagine a hypothetical aspiring journalist in her mid twenties who, for whatever deranged reason, did want to have kids. To me, this lifestyle sounds infinitely more pleasant than doing the suburban commute:

- Own compact but liveable condo or townhouse walking/biking distance from work
- Take kids to park regularly
- Spend quality family time maintaining a community garden plot, possibly in said park
- Have three extra hours per day with which to make nutritious dinners and lunches, make snowmen, play, and otherwise spend quality time with kids
- Be well rested and pleasant instead of cranky and angry upon returning from work
- Possibly, in some sort of beautiful dream world, even exercise in the mornings
- Hire someone to clean condo/townhouse with all the money saved by not owning a car. Teach kids to ride the bus at age 4. Possibly bike kids around in one of those hilarious stroller/wagon pulled by a bike things that you see parents using in the Glebe. Have even more free time. Take up crocheting with said free time. Teach kids the value of living a simple lifestyle with minimal material goods.

My point is, there is no possible scenario in which I can imagine commuting from the suburbs being something I would want to do.

Excuse me, it's my bed time.

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Andrew said...

i'm 99% on board with what you're saying.

cept i DO live in the city and commute everyday TO the suburbs. i wish there was a train that went from my A to north Mississauga B.

funny bit is living in the city is not really any more expensive then the burbs. groceries tend to be a touch more expensive in the burbs(according to me) and property taxes are more expensive in the burbs(according to everyone cept the sun and the AM dial). let alone the cost of operating a car balloons when you NEED that car to get to the anything.

(begin creepy voice)come to the city claire. we'll love you here... we know how to treat you right... we have hippy fairs every thursday afternoon in duffrin park... oooOOOOoooo(end creepy voice)