Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rant rant

I'm reposting a ranty comment I made on my friend's blog. She was discussing how today in class she was told that early in her nursing career she will suffer multiple nervous breakdowns, be the victim of constant judgey gossip, and accidentally kill someone. None of this, I gather, was prefaced with a "probably" - it was more of a "enjoy your straitjacket, sucker."

I've brought up a lot of these points before, but in reference to people telling journalism students how dumb they are for going into journalism (I just wrote "journalism stupid" instead of students... ha). I think they also apply to a lot of other programs. Also, it's one of my favourite pet peeves. Begin rant:

You know what? Rant time. Why do profs do this? It's not just nursing, and it's not just journalism. I've heard the same thing from people in tons of other disciplines. Why do professors seem to think that telling their bright eyed and enthusiastic students that their chosen profession is horrible, the future is bleak, and they're stupid for picking it is a good idea? Being realistic is one thing. But I don't think most students are dumb... Most students, I think, go into university programs knowing what they're getting into, and having already decided that they're passionate enough about it to pursue it despite ruthless competition, low pay, or in your case the prospect of accidental murder. If they change their mind, they'll drop out. They don't need professors rubbing it in their face.

In the case of nursing, when you can't really have enough nurses, it's downright socially irresponsible for your profs to use these scare tactics. In the case of journalism, music, philosophy, international deve
lopment, and a million other majors where there's too many students who want to do it and not enough jobs for them, programs should limit enrollment. It's also socially irresponsible and cruel to let thousands of students into a program, take their tuition money, then essentially laugh at their stupidity by telling them their degree is useless.

Argh. Argh. Bleah.

To this I add: It also devalues the institution the prof is working for by saying getting a degree from there isn't going to help when graduates look for work. PR fail.


Sonya said...

I wish there was a "like this" on blogspot. Cos I do.

Andrew said...

like this

Millie said...

Thanks dude! That's the first real long, involved comment I've gotten, I feel like a real blogger!

Claire said...

Haha... I don't really get long, involved comments either... I kind of figured since I went to the work of writing it I might as well repost it.

Also, I didn't link you because your blog is kind of on the DL... should I keep it that way?

Millie said...
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Millie said...

I don't care, it's only on the DL for nursing students in my class in Kamloops. I don't think any of them read your use big words.