Friday, May 15, 2009


I was on Twitter and I saw this tweet from Marshall Kirkpatrick, who's the head writer for ReadWriteWeb (which you should totally read if you want to be ahead of the curve on all things technogeek):

RT @marshallk feel like I'm in a giant room filled w/ thousands of people doing their thing but leaning in to talk to each other at times. i love twitter 

This is an interesting point. But besides that, it made me realize why Twitter gives me a sense of deja vu. It reminds me of old school chat rooms.

Anyone remember those? From the giddy, hedonistic early days of the internet? When it was a really cool, new idea that people could "hang out" online?

Then they got creepy and porny and mostly full of sad lonely dudes trying to have cyber sex. I wonder if they still exist. Well, I mean, they exist in specialized formats - SoulSeek, the downloading program I use for music, has chat rooms where all 13 fans of experimental screamo free jazz synth noise around the world can chill and trade albums. But I mean the ones that are just a big, crazy free for all, with no discernable theme.

That's a lot like what Twitter's like. Just like the old-style chat rooms, you learn to filter the noise and just "lean in" when you see something interesting, but for the most part, it's pretty anarchic.

Anyway, this led me to a second brain wave - I wonder if people are starting to have cyber sex on Twitter?

I don't mean through direct messages. That wouldn't be any more eyebrow raising than people using Facebook and MySpace like dating services, really, or cybering over instant messaging. And I don't mean people trying to peddle porn - that also happens pretty much instantly on every new internet medium.

Twitter makes it possible to have cyber sex like people did in the old school chat rooms - publicly, in real time, with everyone... watching? Listening? Reading? 

Whaddaya know... like shoulder pads and high waisted pants, everything old is new again.

This led to a series of related brain waves... there could be Prostitwits. There could be #orgies. There could be swinger tweetups.

I twitter searched some dirty words. I didn't dig up any public smut, but I also didn't look all that hard.

I would have to turn myself in to the hype police if I pitched two stories about Twitter in a month. But someone else should totally run with this.

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The Science Manly said...

I actually read in the news today that there is a fad roaring through twitter, called the porn name game.

You take the name of your first pet, and the name of the street you grew up on, and those are the first and last name of your porn name, respectively.

Apparently, some government officials are saying that it is bad, because those are usually the answers to standard forgotten password questions from websites. And therefore, you leave yourself open to pirates ... or is it privates? I forget ;)