Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good signs

The other day I sent my MRP supervisor a massive email detailing everything I've done on the project so far, and everything I plan to do. I told her that if I'm doing anything wrong, she'd better tell me now, because once I leave, that's it. It's not like I can hop on a bus and do follow-up interviews from Ottawa.

She had two main concerns:

1) I'm trying to cover too many themes. Surprise surprise, I'm neurotically over-researching.

2) WTF???

OK, so she didn't actually write WTF. What she did write was something more along these lines: So let me get this straight. You found a professional drag performer with a Yale degree, a guy who checked himself into a Singaporean Christian ex-gay ministry a la But I'm a Cheerleader only to later renounce religion and become the main organizer of KL's version of Pride, and a closeted dude who confessed his entire life story to you at a gay bar out of nowhere for no reason then agreed to do it again on tape?

Are you sure these people are for real?

The answer is yes, I'm sure these people are for real, although now I have to do some annoying fact-checking to appease my supervisor (Hello, is this the Singapore division of Straight is Great? Did you ever have a resident by the name of...).

And I'm going to take this as a sign things are going well, since nothing sells a story like a good WTF.

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