Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Reporter Barbie gets a makeover

Alright, this is getting ridiculous. First I started actually wearing makeup and non-sweat pants to class last year, and getting my hair cut more often than once every six months. Then it was the Lulu Lemon yoga pants. Now I find myself seriously considering taking things to a whole new level. I might just get a pedicure tomorrow.

I know, I know. But they're so cheap here. And my feet have taken quite a beating over the summer. I haven't worn socks in months, except to go running. I think they could use a little more care than my usual DIY amateurish slop of nail polish.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize I have questions. So many questions. Questions such as:
- Should I remove the aforementioned slop of nail polish before I go, which is now chipped to hell and embarassing?
- Should I clip my toenails first?
- Do they clip your toenails FOR YOU??? Ew.
- Will they judge my cracked heels and blisters?
- What kind of bourgeois monster am I, taking advantage of my powerful Canadian dollar to make some poor soul touch and stare at my horrible feet for that long?

I have heard that you're supposed to shave your legs before you go. Suddenly, I have a reason to be thankful for the months I spent last summer working at a pool store with a bunch of Oakville rich kids home from business school. Most of that summer was spent trying to keep my eyes from glazing over as my co-workers talked about pedicures. "I hate it when customers don't clean their automatic vacuum cleaners before they bring them in to be fixed. That's like going for a pedicure without shaving your legs first," is one gem of wisdom that has for some reason stuck in my mind.

That's about all I know, though. Help.


Natalie said...

They will remove the old nail polish and file your tonenails to perfection. And you don't have to shave your legs, but I'd recommend it. You're going to be looking at those stumps for at least an hour, probably with a light shining on them. Save yourself the shame.

I had my first real pedicure after the big breakup, and hadn't shaved since the last time I was touched by a man, aka 6 weeks. It wasn't pretty.

Also, the person doing my pedicure was 9 months pregnant.

Claire said...

Oh! Very practical, useful information. Thank you. So they FILE your toe nails?? They might as well fan me with a palm leaf and feed me peeled grapes while they're at it.