Thursday, November 19, 2009

Carleton's Master of Journalism program: Education you can't get anywhere else.

Things I learned last Monday:

1) If someone from a Parliamentary committee says you can film their hearing, you still need a press pass.

2) If you don't get a press pass, you're going to have an interesting time getting your camera equipment through security.

3) That person who said sure, you can film the hearing, I'm sure it won't be a problem, ACTUALLY means she will ask the committee at the last minute and there's a good chance someone will, in fact, have a problem with it.

4) You can't film in the hallway of Parliament without permission from the Sergeant At Arms.

5) If you try to explain to the Sergeant At Arms' assistant why you need to film in the hallway of Parliament without a press pass, they will basically tell you you're an idiot and call the head of the Press Gallery.

6) The head of the press gallery will actually tell you you're an idiot, but if you pull a sad puppy dog face and emphasize you're just a lowly student and have now learned your lesson, he might let you film in the hallway anyway.

7) Every security guard who walks by will ask you what the hell you're doing and who said you could do that.

8) When you finally leave and need to shoot some B-roll of the Parliament buildings, there will probably be some guys filming an amateur hip hop video and you'll have the lyrics "I cheated on my girlfriiiiieeeeennnd..." in the background of your shots.

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Teghan said...

HAHA. Claire. My god. I feel for you.