Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Discovered: BiblioCommons

It's internship time again. Today my producer plunked an article about this library catalogue social networking service Ottawa just started using. She asked me to see if I could get the founder on the show.

Turns out the first library system to try out this cutting edge high tech thingamabob is my home town of Oakville, Ontario.

It's sort of like Amazon, but for library catalogues, but cooler. You can review books and other stuff you've checked out and make lists of favourites, and you can follow people whose recommendations you like. You see the reviews every time you browse the catalogue, whether you use the social networking features or not. And if you follow people who have similar tastes to yours, it makes recommendations for you based on your reviews.

According to the article I read, this guy DavidB is 29 and lives just down the street from the White Oaks branch and won $1000 in book gift certificates for using BiblioCommons the most. I also grew up just down the street from the White Oaks branch. I'm wracking my brain to figure out if I known any 29-year-old David Bs.

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