Saturday, December 5, 2009

Limited time offer!

I've been chase producing for a morning radio show. That means booking guests, thinking up ideas for guests to book, and writing scripts for the host, mostly. I like it a lot.

But lately I've been thinking about how the skill set necessary for journalism is very similar to the skill set required for a certain other, much less desirable occupation: Telemarketing.

Things you have to be good at for both telemarketing and journalism:

1) Calling strangers out of nowhere. All day. Over and over. I've lost all sense of telephone social boundaries.

2) Convincing people to do crazy things. I imagine the skills required to convince someone to come to the station at seven a.m. so the entire City of Ottawa can hear about their former OxyContin addiction over breakfast is similar to the skills required to convince someone to Act Now for Five Easy Payments of $20 and a Free Gift!

3) Walking the fine line between scaring people off and closing the deal. It's really hard to figure out when I'm crossing the line into pushy. Especially since I don't have social boundaries any more. But it also sucks to lose someone you could have convinced if you'd tried a little harder.

At least I'm employable in one field.

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Lisa said...

You should go work for the telemarketing compnay I worked for. I bet you could make all those English stay-at-home-moms answer your survey on health and fitness now!