Sunday, January 3, 2010

The 2000s: They weren't all bad.

Every end of decade list I've seen has concluded the previous decade sucked pretty bad. Time Magazine even called it the worst decade ever. This seems a bit much (Great Depression? WWII?), but there were some undeniably crappy things that happened over the last ten years.

However, I refuse to let the decade of my young adulthood go down in history as one long, violent, bad weather suckfest. There were at least a few things that were OK about the 2000s, right?

This is my short but sweet best of the 2000s better-late-than-never New Year's list.

5) Flat shoes. I can't remember exactly when flats came in style, but they've definitely been around for most of the decade. I feel as though the fact that it's stylish and socially acceptable for women to wear flats to all but the most formal occasions has made the lives of half the human race a lot more bearable over the last ten years. Throw yoga pants in there too. Basically, every time you feel like whining about the last decade, just think to yourself, "at least I don't have to wear foundation garments."

4) Cats on the internet. This item was brought to you by Kate Harper. For some reason, cats and the internet go together like, well, cats in sinks. And cats in things they're not supposed to be in. And pictures of cats and hilarious text captions.

3) Social media in general. C'mon... #iranelection? Social media is often dumb and over-hyped, but occasionally incredible.

2) TV. It may not have been an epic decade for music or other mass pop culture. But I am going to go out on a limb and call this a truly great decade for TV. The Wire, Mad Men, most of Buffy, Battlestar... smart, engaging, intellectual stuff. TV on DVD really freed up the medium to do long form story telling.

1) Barack Obama getting elected. Whatever you think of the man, I definitely felt like I was part of one of those generation defining moments when I watched that election.

Flimsy? Maybe. Does this list make up for all the bad stuff that happened? Nope. But I was lucky, and I had a pretty good decade. I'm not quite ready to throw it into Ms. Dion's "trash can of history."

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GenXpert said...

Thumbs up on this one. I'd add iPhones.